Sacred Exchange Fellowship

A community where there are no stones to throw.

Vision Statement:

A place of spiritual restoration for broken people from all walks of life in the state of Rhode Island.

Scripture Verse:

“To bestow on them a crown of beauty instead of ashes” Isaiah 61:3"

Mission Statement:

1. To serve as a hospital for those who are sick

*All of our outreach endeavors are geared towards people who are broken and sick in some capacity; we believe that ministry flows most powerfully within broken. These outreach endeavors include drama productions, twelve step groups, church services that feature relevant topics and other events that meet the needs of the people within our world.   

To serve as a family for the outcasts

*All of our in-house ministry endeavors are geared towards grafting people into the family of God by teaching them how to live within godly relationships. These endeavors include bible teaching series on Sundays and Thursdays, lay counseling, mentoring through the elders and pastors of our staff and referrals to Christian clinical counseling.  

To serve as an army for aspiring soldiers of Christ

*Developing leaders who have the heart of a shepherd and the mind of a king. The development of these leaders takes place through one season per year of leadership training from local pastors and teachers. Also, the staff and elders work diligently at strategically placing the members of the body in capacities that match their gifts and aptitudes.